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Don Bosco Andes 6000
Marcarà - Ancash - Perù

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Young local expert Guides will help you discover the real Peru

In the early 1990's, Volunteers from the Italian mission organization " Operazione Mato Grosso", who were already working to help the local people of the area, made us realize and understand that our magestic mountains could become an important work opportunity for us.

From there, we decided that our direction, all be it, a very orginal one, would be to target the young "Campesinos" (poor farm people), born in lost and poor villages hidden amongst the mountains of the Cordilliera Blanca, and so giving these young people a new direction in their lives. From then on we learnt to look at the mountains through new eyes. We formed the professional "Andes School of Guides" (Escuela de Guias en los Andes) supported by OMG and aided by the assisted by some International Mountain Guides and Italian Mountaineers.

From there, the Old routes that bring together the numerous valleys of the area, the great mountains that form the barrier to our villages, the old Inca trade routes and paths still passable on mountain bikes through archaeological ruins became the stage and the theatre for our work, guiding the passionate adventurer to discover this amazing region. Some of us have been able to receive through hard work, various qualifications: Licence for UIAGM guide, others Trekking and Mountain Bike Guide qualifications. Others again have been able to become porters and cooks.

Throughout our organization we have all aspects of organisation present in our company to be able to offer any type of Alpine Expedition, and trekking or mountain bike tours. Aside from the proposed itineraries we are able to offer and organize Personalized Itineries and routes at request.